How do I calculate my GPA?

The easiest way to find your GPA is to check your unofficial transcript.

You can also use the GPA calculator here.

If you wish to calculate your GPA, please follow the directions below.

A student’s grade point average is computed on courses undertaken in the University of California, with the exception of courses undertaken in University Extension. Grade point average is calculated by dividing the accumulated number of grade points earned by the accumulated number of units undertaken.

Grade points are assigned as follows:

A+ = 4.0 A-=3.7 B= 3.0 C+ = 2.3 C- = 1.7 D = 1.0 F= 0.0
A= 4.0 B+ =3.3 B- = 2.7 C= 2.0 D+ = 1.3 D-= 0.7  

To calculate your grade point average, do the following:

Multiply the unit value of each graded course by the grade points earned for that course to determine the 'total grade points earned for each class'. (See above for grade points)

Add together all of the 'total grade points earned for each class' to find your 'total grade points'.

Divide the 'total grade points' by the total number of units earned in all of your graded courses combined.

This is your grade point average.

P/NP (Pass/No Pass) courses are not factored in your GPA. I (Incompletes), W (Withdrawals), and IP (In Progress) do not receive grade points and do not have an effect on the GPA.