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MyAudit analyzes degree requirements for a major, concentration, and minor according to the catalog year when you entered UC Merced. The audit gives a complete picture regarding what degree requirements have been met, are in progress and are remaining. It is a quick tool that can be used to check your progress in your degree program.

The report displays the courses from which you must select in order to complete degree requirements, and it shows how the completed courses apply toward those requirements. Your MyAudit report provides a snapshot of where you stand relative to graduation. NOTE: Requirements are not currently analyzed for extension or summer only students.

Although MyAudit provides a comprehensive description of program requirements, it is unofficial and not intended to supplement the role of the School advisor, who will help you with course selection and assist you in making informed decisions.

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Quick Tip: How do I view MyAudit?

Undergraduate students at UC Merced have access to their MyAudit online via Once logged in, go to the Student Services tab or channel, then select MyAudit on the right.

You can choose to submit a new audit (recommended) or view an audit that you requested in the past (will not reflect changes since that date).

A "What if" audit is run for majors or concentrations you are thinking of switching, but you're not ready to make the actual change yet. The "What if" does not permanently change your declared major or concentration; it just shows you what courses you would need if you were to officially change.

Want to know more? View our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you feel that MyAudit is not correctly analyzing certain requirements, you should contact your advisor. If you are unable to access your MyAudit send an email to