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Fall 2019 End of Term Information

UC Merced will close for seven days -- Tuesday, December 24 through Wednesday, January 1. During this time, the Office of the Registrar will not be on-campus or immediately available to assist with inquiries related to grades, GPAs, academic standing, verifications, or degree conferral. This page includes an anticipated schedule of academic events for the fall 2019 semester and information for self-service resources.

Please contact us at if you have any questions. 

Information for Instructors      Information for Students

Important Dates

Monday, December 23 - Final grades due
Tuesday, December 24 - Wednesday, January 1- Campus Closed
Thursday, January 2- Administrative Offices Open; GPAs and Academic Standing available on MyStudentRecord
Friday, January 3- Standing Notifications - Notifications were sent.


To change a submitted grade, use the grade change e-form. Grade change processing will be delayed throughout the campus closure. You and your student will receive an e-mail confirmation once the change is processed. 


GPAs and Academic Standing - Your initial GPA will be available for review after the Office of the Registrar releases submitted grades to transcripts. Keep in mind that final GPAs and academic standings will not be available until January. Listed below are processes that will be delayed due to the campus closure.
Course Repeats - Course repetition exclusions will be applied to academic records before academic standing is calculated. More information about course repetition is available in the University Catalog.  
Grade Changes - Contact your course instructor if the grade on your unofficial transcript for the term is incorrect. Instructors may submit grade changes throughout the campus closure, however, processing of these changes by Registrar staff will be delayed throughout the campus closure. The Office of the Registrar intends to process all grade changes submitted during the closure before calculating final GPAs and academic standings for the term. You will receive an e-mail confirmation if a grade change is applied to your student record.
Academic standing - You may review your standing on your unofficial transcript. Students who are subject to academic dismissal or placed on academic probation were sent an e-mail notification on Friday, January 3. All students who are subject to academic dismissal will have an opportunity to appeal the dismissal. Instructions on how to appeal will be sent to your UCM e-mail after academic standing is available on your unofficial transcript. Review the e-mail information below to ensure that you do not miss this important message. 

Notification E-mails - Outlook's Focused Inbox and Clutter features may keep important academic standing messages from arriving in your UC Merced Inbox folder. Use the information below to search for this notification. 

E-mail Subject Lines: Search ALL FOLDERS for the subject lines below.

"Academic Standing: Academic Probation"   
"Academic Standing: Academic Dismissal"

From: E-mail senders vary by Academic School. Search ALL FOLDERS for e-mails from the following e-mail addresses based on your major.

Undeclared students:
SSHA students:
SOE students: 
SNS students: 

Transcripts and Verifications 

Official Transcripts - Production of official transcripts will be on pause during the campus closure, however, you may submit a request during this time. Normal processing will resume on January 2. Orders with the processing option of "now" or "hold for grades" will be created by end of day on January 3. You may opt-in to transcript status messages during the order process or you may check your status on this site - have your order number and the e-mail address you used on the order ready.

Unofficial Transcripts - Your unofficial transcript will remain available for your review 24/7 through MyStudentRecord. Keep in mind that multiple end of term processes that may have an influence on your GPA or academic standing may be delayed due to the campus closure. 

Verifications - Production of verifications will be delayed due to the campus closure. To confirm your registration for spring 2020 during this time we encourage you to use the web option available through your portal (Select 'MyStudentRecord;' and 'Access National Student Clearinghouse for Enrollment Verifications.') or use your unofficial transcript. 

Fall 2019 Degree Conferral

Degree conferral for fall 2019 candidates will begin in January after the final GPA calculation is complete. More information about the degree conferral and diploma timeline is available here: