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Grade Changes

Final grade change policies

  • All grades except I and IP are final when submitted by the instructor on the final grade submission through CatCourses.
  • No changes of a final grade may be made on the basis of revision or submission of additional work after the close of the semester.
  • A final grade may be corrected when a clerical (recording) error or procedural error has occurred. 
  • An instructor approved grade change is required to change all NR and I grades. 

Mid-semester grades

The Office of the Registrar does not process grade changes for mid-semester grades, as these grades are not a part of the student's permanent record. If you need to change a grade for a student to below or above a D+ after submission, please notify us by e-mail at so we may inform the Office of Undergraduate EducationGrade information will not change in CatCourses or in MyStudentRecord.

You may submit a final grade change by:

1) Via web- Complete the grade change webform.

INSTRUCTIONS: You must be logged in to CAS and be currently designated as a course instructor by the Registrar's Office to access this form. Past Instructors that cannot access the form, please contact us at Current instructors, login, if you are unable to access the form. If you receive an error after signing in and clicking the link above-- refresh the page. Do not bookmark the grade change webform, bookmarking will result in a redirect looping error.

2) Returning the grade change form* to the Students First Center in person.

3) Sending the form* in a grade change envelope available from your curriculum manager through intercampus mail.

4) Return the grade change form* to your curriculum manager and indicate that you would like them to forward it to the Office of the Registrar on your behalf.

5) Sending the form* by US mail marked confidential. Attn: Office of the Registrar- Amanda Brown.

6) Scanning and e-mailing the form* back to from your UCMerced e-mail account.

7) Fax the form* to the Registrar's Office 209.228.4694.
*Need the form? Send an e-mail to to request it electronically.