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Official and Unofficial Transcripts

We are now offering Electronic Transcripts! More information about Electronic Transcripts can be found here

Official Transcripts

Students can order transcripts online via MyRegistration. Select 'MyRegistration'; 'StudentRecords'; 'MyStudentRecord'; and 'Access National Student Clearinghouse to request Transcript'. Transcripts can be purchased using a major credit card (service fee will apply; fee is included in prices below). 

Students may also access the Student Clearinghouse directly.

Transcript cost and processing:

Transcripts are $12.00, this includes the service fee. All transcripts are produced at UC Merced and processed within 1-3 business days unless there is an error with the request or there is a hold on your account. Multiple delivery methods are available, some include additional fees.

Delivery Methods:

  • Hold for pick up: $12 per transcript. Pick up is available at Students First Center during business hours. Transcripts not picked up within three months will be destroyed and the student will be responsible for the cost of a new request.
  • Standard Processing: $12 per transcript. Standard mail by USPS. 
  • Express Mail: $40 per transcript (includes transcript cost, service fee, and mailing fee). Overnight mailing by FedEx to continental US. Two to three mailing days to Hawaii or Alaska. Express mail is not available to PO Box addresses. Express mail is not available to international addresses, including Canada and Mexico. 
  • Electronic PDF: $20 per transcript (includes transcript cost, service fee, and electronic transcript fee). Secure electronic PDF sent to recipient email address. More information about Electronic Transcripts can be found here

Processing Options:

  • Now: 1-3 business days from date of request and/or payment is received, unless there is an error or hold on the student account.
  • After Degree is Awarded: Degrees are awarded within eight weeks from the last day of finals of the term the student applied.
  • After Grades are Posted: Grades are available within three business days after the last day of the term.


The following are acceptable transcript attachments: Cover letters from AACOMAS, AMCAS, CAPSA, PharmCAS, and LSAC. Also cover letters provided by the university to which the student is applying. Must be JPEG, JPG, or PDF format. 


Outstanding balances must be paid in full before transcript requests will be fulfilled. This includes any balances due to the University. In addition to financial holds preventing transcript production, some holds placed by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will prevent transcript processing. Transcripts requests with holds will expire after 30 days. Check your holds in your student portal


All outstanding balances must be paid in full before transcript requests will be processed. In addition, all outstanding holds must be resolved. Any questions regarding the transcript ordering process may be addressed to the Office of the Registrar at or by phone at (209) 228-2734 (CAT-2REG).

Additional Information:

  • Processing time is the time it takes our office to prepare your transcript to be sent out. This does not include mailing time.
  • Processing time doesn’t account for the time it takes the student to clear any holds.
  • We cannot guarantee your transcript’s arrival or the time it will take to reach its destination once it has left our office. Contact us at if your transcript has not been received within 3 weeks of the date of the request. At that time, your request details will be reviewed.
  • Requests received prior to 8:00 am begin the business day processing time that day. Requests received after 8:00 am will begin the business day processing time the following business day.

Visiting UC students are excluded from having to pay the transcript fee when transferring their courses to their home UC campus. After grades are posted, transcripts will automatically be sent to the student's home campus.

Transcripts may be picked up at the Students First Center during normal business hours or be requested to be mailed. Transcripts not picked up within three months will be destroyed and the student will be responsible for the cost of a new transcript request.

Transcripts of work completed at another campus of the University or at another institution must be requested directly from the campus or institution concerned.

If you still have questions about transcripts, click here for a list of our frequently asked questions. 

Unofficial Transcripts

  1. Log into MyUcmerced portal
  2. Select MyStudentRecord
  3. Select Student Record
  4. Select Academic Transcript

If you're an alumni and no longer remember your portal username and password, you can reclaim you account. Select password reset at Select 'Account Type' for 'Undergraduate Applicants or Undergraduate Students'. You will need your Student ID number to reclaim your account.