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Scheduling Procedures


Academic spaces must be reserved in advance through the Office of the Registrar. All reservations assigned in academic rooms are subject to change due to academic needs, which may take priority over other events, as determined by the Office of the Registrar. This may include reassignment to another space or cancellation of the event. For student clubs and organizations, any current officer is authorized to request academic rooms. Current staff or faculty members are authorized to request academic rooms for schools/departments.

  • Requests are processed in the order they are received; on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • At least 2 business day notice is required for all event requests. During peak times, it can take up to two weeks for event requests to be processed.
  • Submitting a request DOES NOT confirm a room reservation.
    • The email sent from Astra verifying we have received the request DOES NOT serve as confirmation for the reservation.
    • Once we have processed a request, a final email will be sent from Astra, confirming the status of the room reservation.
  • It is the responsibility of the requestor to ensure any Facilities Management, Custodial, and IT needs have been coordinated at least 2 business days prior to the start of the room reservation.

Computer Laboratories

The nature of the event and all required software must be included in the “Event Details” for all computer lab requests. Once we receive the request, we will work directly with Computer Lab Management for approval. An email notification of the status of the room reservation will be provided afterwards.

Weekend Use

The weekend is defined as Friday starting at 7:00pm through Sunday ending at 11:00pm. To request a room for use on weekends, it is suggested you search for a room(s) with a Card Reader to avoid unlocking services charge. (Note: SSB 150 requires a hard key to (un)lock the doors). After receiving a confirmation email for your room reservation, please submit a work order request to

Cancellations and Changes

All cancellation and change requests must be submitted to Please note: the requestor may be liable for any damage or misuse of the room if the reservation is not canceled, or if the room is left unattended prior to the end of the reservation.

Outside Organizations

For outside organizations not affiliated with UC Merced, please contact Housing and Residence Life, Marketing and Conference Services Manager, Debbie Henderson (