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General Practices


Registered student clubs and organizations, schools and campus departments may request academic rooms for non-academic, university-related purposes through the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar shall review and approve requests to ensure they are in accordance with campus regulations.

Any activity conducted during an event must be in accordance with all university regulations and policies, as well as any federal, state and local statutes. The university reserves the right to prohibit any event that may involve potential personal liability, property damage, campus/community disruption, or may otherwise be deemed contrary to the mission of the university.

Email Communication

Faculty, staff and officers of student clubs and organizations are expected to conduct UC business using their UC Merced email address. The Office of the Registrar will not respond to personal email addresses.

Room Usage Guidelines

Rooms should be left in a neat and orderly condition, and returned to their standard configuration upon completion of an event. Ensure the event ends promptly and attendees exit in a timely manner. Furnishings, including tables, chairs, student desks, lecterns, and AV/IT equipment, must remain in their designated rooms at all times and may not be removed or stored elsewhere for the duration of an event. Immediately report any damages, new or existing, to rooms and equipment, otherwise your group may be liable.

Reserving Non-Instructional Spaces

To reserve non-instructional space for your event, go to to submit a request via the EMS Room Reservation System. Spaces reserved through EMS include conference rooms, collaborative workrooms, indoor and outdoor event and recreation spaces, lactation rooms, and other non-academic rooms.