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MyDegreePath: Advisor Resources

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Advisor: Exceptions

Help MyDegreePath Serve Your Advisees by Verifying:

  • The audit accurately reflects each student's program and catalog year
  • The audit includes the minor, when applicable
  • The audit includes all evaluated transfer work and that it is correctly applying to the student's program
  • The audit includes all processed substitutions/waivers

UC Merced advisors may access MyDegreePath online through the portal under My Advising Tools. Advisors or those having legitimate educational interest may request access to MyDegreePath via an email to the lead advisor in each school as listed below. When requesting access please include the name, title, UCM email, and campus phone number of the person needing access.

The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Breanda Maldonado-Rosas:

School of Natural Sciences

Erica Robbins:

School of Engineering

Karla Gonzalez: Karla Gonzalez:


FAQ for Advisors

How do I run an audit showing the pseudo names?

When running an audit, change the list option that is located below the student ID# to M-Display Pseudo Names.

I entered the exception, but the requirement did not change. What did I do wrong?

The pseudo name may be wrong or the exception may have been entered with the wrong exception control code.

The student has taken the class but the requirement is not accepting it.

The student could have received a grade that is lower than the system is set up to accept. If the lower grade is being accepted for one student only, an exception can be made. If the audit is processing incorrectly for all students on this requirement, contact the Office of the Registrar.

When should I use JIRA for a MyDegreePath question or change? should be used for a course additions to a requirement.  It should also be used if you think a question regarding a student's audit is a mistake.