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The catalog outlines specific language for each of the following policies:



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View the Add/Drop/Withdraw grid provided every term to help students be aware of all course deadlines.

More information about registration, including adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course can be found on our Registration Help website. 

Add/Drop Form: This form will only be used if a student is trying to add a course after the 5th day of instruction and simply needs instructor permission to add. Dropping a course can be done online through the 15th day of instruction. The form must be submitted to the Students First Center on or before the 15th day of instruction (by 4:00 PM). If it is prior to the first day of instruction and the student has met all requisite(s) and the course is not closed, the student should add online.
Requisite Override Enrollment Form: This add form will be used to obtain instructor signature if a student doesn’t meet the designated requisite(s) for a course. Requisites include course prerequisites or corequisites and major or class level restrictions. The form must be submitted to the Students First Center on or before the 15th day of instruction (by 4:00 PM) with all necessary signatures.
  • If the course if offered by the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts course or the Merritt Writing Program, the student should bring the form signed by the instructor directly to the Students First Center.
  • If it is a Natural Sciences or Engineering course, once the form has been submitted to the School, the student will be emailed by the School regarding the approval or denial of their request. If approved and it the 5th day of instruction or prior the email will include instructions about how to add the course online. If it is after the 5th day of instruction the student will be told to return the form to the Students First Center by the established deadlines.