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The information on this page is provided to help students navigate the UC Merced graduation process that is outlined in the University Catalog. It may not replace the guidance from a staff member or academic advisor related to your individual academic record and degree path. Connect with us from our Contact Us page to seek additional guidance from a Graduation and Degree Services Expert. 

University policies about graduation may be found in the University Catalog (Navigation path: Academic Policies > Graduation). 

More information about Honors at Graduation can be found on our honors page at

More information about commencement can be found on the commencement website.

Graduation Application

Curriculum Updates

Coursework Completed at Another Institution

Incomplete Grades and Graduation

Degree Conferral


Graduation Application

The graduation application is an online form that you must submit when you are ready to declare candidacy for graduation. Most students are able to determine their graduation term, with consultation from their academic advisor and their degree audit, in advance of the start of their final term of enrollment. Graduation application filing periods and deadlines for submission are listed below. Keep the information in mind as you prepare for your final terms of enrollment

A Graduation Application checklist item and/or a notification on My Degree Path may appear for you after you have achieved 90 units of credit, including transfer credit. For some students, this item/notification appears well in advance of their final terms at UC Merced. Submission of the graduation application is not required until you are ready to graduate. We recommend that if this item/reminder appears for you that you review your degree audit and consult with your academic advisor about your anticipated graduation term. 

Fee- There is a mandatory $40.00 Graduation Application fee that supports the purchase of your diploma and diploma mailing. This fee cannot be waived and it will be billed to your student account after submission of the graduation application.

Ready to Apply?

After determining your graduation term, ensure that your student curriculum - major(s), minor(s), and concentration -  is accurate, read the Graduation Application Instructions, and then submit your graduation application in the filing period for your graduation term.

Graduation Application Instructions - Links to another page.

Fall Graduation Filing Period: June 16 - September 15 (deadline)
Spring Graduation Filing Period: September 16 - February 15 (deadline)
Summer Graduation Filing Period: September 16 - June 15 (deadline)
Access the Graduation Application
  1. Go to
    • Note: If the direct link does not work type - into your browser navigation panel
  2. Click My Student Record
  3. Click Graduation Application.
    • Please read the "Read First" document for guidance on completing the graduation application.
  4. Follow the instructions and press submit
View Submitted Graduation Application
After submission, students may view their submitted Graduation Applications through My Student Record. 
  1. Follow steps 1 through 4 above.
  2. Then click View Graduation Application option below the Graduation Application.

Changes after submitting a Graduation Application / Refile for Graduation 
Term Change- If your plans have changed and you wish to change your candidacy from one term to another, use the online refile form to make the request. 

Note: If you did not successfully complete a degree requirement in your final semester you will need to refile for another term.  Use the online refile form to request that your graduation application is reviewed in a future term. After your refile form is processed, registration eligibility may be restored if there has not been a break in your enrollment.

Curriculum Change - This includes any updates to your major(s), minor, or concentration from those declared on your graduation application. Many changes to the curriculum are limited, in accordance with the policies outlined in the University Catalog, after submitting a graduation application. Contact your academic advisor to determine if your curriculum change request may be approved.

Curriculum policies are available in the University Catalog > Academic Policies > Enrollment > Planning for a Major

Review Process

After the start of your final semester, and in accordance with your selected graduation term, your advisor will begin the review of your degree audit and academic record to ensure your final degree requirements are in progress and will be met upon successful completion of your coursework. Once this initial review is complete, you will receive emails from your academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar. After final grades are received for your last term, the Office of the Registrar will begin the final review for degree conferral.
Stay diligent in monitoring your UCM email account for inquiries requiring your response from your academic advisor and the Office of the Registrar. Your UCM email account will be the primary point of communication throughout the weeks of the review process, degree conferral process, and lastly for diploma details.
Coursework Completed at Another Institution and Graduation

Consult with your academic advisor if you plan to fulfill degree requirements with non-UC courses. If you do take a course outside of UC Merced to fulfill a degree requirement, you must submit an official transcript, with final grades, by the deadlines below.  Failure to submit an official transcript by the deadline may require you to refile for graduation in a future term. We recommend that you arrange electronic delivery for your transcript. More information about sending an official transcript to UC Merced is available on the Transfer Courses page.

Deadlines to submit official transcripts:
Spring candidates - June 15
Summer candidates - September 15
Fall candidates - January 15
Incomplete Grades and Graduation

Course required for degree - If you have an incomplete 'I' grade on your record for a course that is required for your degree, successful completion of the course is required. The Office of the Registrar must receive a final grade from the course instructor by the deadline associated with your graduation term. Deadlines are listed below. In some cases, the deadline below is sooner than the deadline allowed by the Incomplete Grade policy. If the course is not successfully completed or a final grade is not received you will be required to re-file a Graduation Application for a later term. 

Deadline for final grade (replacing I grade) to be received:
Spring - June 15th
Summer - September 15th
Fall - January 15th
Course not required for degree - If you have an incomplete grade on your record for a course that is not required for your degree, your degree will be conferred. As an exception to the normal incomplete 'I' grade policy, the grade will not be converted to an F, NP, or U. However, you still have the option of removing the 'I' grade but have to do so within the incomplete grade deadlines.

More information about incomplete grades can be found in the University Catalog.

Degree Conferral

Degree conferral is the phrase used to indicate that degree requirements are complete and your record is in a graduated status. If your degree is conferred it will show as awarded on your unofficial and official transcript along with an effective date (graduation date).

Degree conferral timeline
In the 8 to 10 weeks following the last day of instruction for a term, our office is completing the final review for all graduation candidates for the term. The degree conferral timeline begins for the majority of candidates a few days after the last final grade deadline for the term. Most candidates will have their degree conferred within 3 to 8 weeks from the end of the term. Again, we encourage you to check your UC Merced email address routinely during this time so that you do not miss any important messages from our office or from the advising staff. 
We encourage you to run your final degree audit after grades are posted to your official transcript for the term. Students with any RED, unsatisfied, requirements should work with their academic advisor to resolve the outstanding requirement(s) or they should refile their graduation application to the term where they expect to complete the requirement(s). If you are fulfilling an unsatisfied requirement with transfer credit, be mindful of the official transcript receipt deadlines for your graduation term listed above
Review the information below about the standard forms of degree confirmation/verification that our office provides. If you are unsure which type may work best for your recipient, forward a copy of your recipient's request from your UCM email address to One of our verification experts will assist you.
  • Official Transcripts - Once your degree is conferred, your official transcript is the most authoritative way to show your degree conferral. You may order an official transcript that shows your awarded degree in advance by selecting "After Degree is Awarded" as the processing option. Your official transcript will be sent automatically to your recipient after your degree conferral is complete. Your final transcript will display your degree, major, concentration, minor, honors, grades, and degree conferral date (where applicable). Learn more about ordering an official transcript here:
  • Unofficial Transcript - Your free online unofficial transcript is viewable at My Student Record and will show your degree conferral in real time. While your graduation application is under review, your unofficial transcript will show that your degree is under review. Once your degree is awarded, your unofficial transcript will show your awarded degree and an effective date.
  • Verification - Our office offers two standard verification types for graduation candidates. After submitting a graduation application our office may confirm that you are a candidate for graduation and your anticipated graduation date. After degree conferral, our office may confirm your degree and graduation date. The verification form is available on the forms page:


A diploma is a document that testifies you successfully completed your degree. It is usually displayed for personal or business use to recognize your achievement. Your diploma will display your major and honors (if earned). UC Merced provides physical and digital diplomas (class of spring 2022 and later). Although your diploma does not serve in an official function to verify degree completion, it may be used for official purposes by other entities.

Diploma Names

Effective Spring 2023, students may elect any name to be printed on their diploma through the graduation application process. Students are also allowed to include or exclude a suffix. Contact us if you have questions or concerns about your diploma name. A graduation and degree services specialist will assist you.

Students who applied to graduate in Fall 2022 or prior can reach out to the Registrar's Office at for assistance with updating their diploma name. 

Diploma Receipt

Digital and physical diplomas are normally received within 3 months from the end of the graduation term. Spring graduates may expect to receive a diploma between June and August. Summer graduates may expect to receive a diploma between September and November. Fall graduates may expect to receive a diploma between January and March.

Your diploma will be ordered shortly after your degree is conferred and you will be notified by email.

Where will my diploma be sent?
  • Physical diplomas - will be mailed to the mailing address on file with UC Merced for students without financial holds. Our office will provide reminders and a deadline for you to make changes to your mailing address. Be sure to keep an eye on your UC Merced email. To update your address, log into and select My Personal Information. Students with a financial or financial aid hold - your diploma will be mailed instead to UC Merced and held. You must resolve all outstanding student account balances and complete all loan/financial aid exit interviews. Once your holds are removed, you must notify the Office of the Registrar by sending an email to
  • Digital diplomas - Beginning with the graduating class of spring 2022, UC Merced provides digital diplomas in addition to physical diplomas. Instructions for retrieval of your digital diploma will be sent to your email address. More information about digital diplomas is available here:
Diploma Reorders

If your diploma was damaged or incorrect upon receipt, keep the diploma in your possession (do not discard) and email for assistance and next steps.

If your diploma was lost or destroyed, please email for assistance.