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Graduation Application Instructions

Read and follow the instructions below to successfully complete your grduation application.

Curriculum Term Selection

This section will display your most recent term, this is not the term in which you want to finish your degree requirements. You will select your graduation term later in the application. *Press submit to move into the Online Graduation Application. Do not change the default term.

Curriculum Selection – Select Current Program - DO NOT complete this graduation application unless your curriculum below is accurate.

Before submitting your graduation application, review your audit and make sure you are prepared to complete your degree. It is your responsibility as a student to make sure all degree requirements are met.

All students: Do not submit a graduation application if your curriculum (program, major, concentration, and/or minor) are not final.


Undergraduate Students

If you are a double major, select one curriculum for this graduation application. We will manually add your second major. Do not apply twice.



Graduate Students

Verify the program we have on file for you is correct. If you are completing a Master’s Along the Way, do not complete this form until the Master’s curriculum has been added. If you do not see it, connect with your Program Coordinator for more information. If correct, select the program and click continue to go to the next step. If you are stopping out with a terminal Master’s degree, you must first submit a Change of Major form.


Graduation Date Selection = Graduation Term Selection

Graduation term is not referring to the commencement ceremony in which you plan to participate, but the term you plan to finish your degree requirements.


Undergraduate Students

This is not the final term in which you plan to enroll in courses at UC Merced; instead , it is the term you plan on finishing your degree requirements. For example, if you plan to attend another institution in your final term you should select the graduation date/term you plan to take the last course(s) for your degree, no matter where you plan to enroll.


Graduate Students

You must be registered as a student for the term you plan to graduate (must be enrolled or on filing fee status). For summer graduation you do not have to be enrolled.




Diploma Name Selection

The name displayed is the name on your official academic records. For your diploma you can select an existing name or create a new one. To update the name that will be printed on your Diploma, select 'New' and type your name as you want it printed. NOTE: Your diploma name selection will not change the name on your official academic records