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Leaving UC Merced

Policies about Loading... can be found in the catalog, along with information about Loading... and the Loading.... The effective date for determining a fee reversal is the date a Leaving UC Merced form is submitted. 


Cancellation/Withdrawal/Educational Leave

Use the Leaving UC Merced form to initiate the process of leaving UC Merced. Factors like timing in the semester, circumstances surrounding your leave, and whether you plan on returning will determine the process used. This form will automatically help you determine which type of leave is right for you. Prior to submitting the form, you should consider the impact of Leaving UC Merced will have on your financial aid, student bill, and health insurance. It could also impact progress towards your degree.

Call to Active Duty

A student who is called to active duty should contact their academic advisor to discuss leave options and notify the Veteran Services Office. Regardless of the type of leave that is taken, the application fee will be waived.  Once the student has discussed with their academic advisor and other relevant offices they must complete the Leaving UC Merced form to get started on their absence from UC Merced.

Tuition Insurance

The University of California recommends that students consider purchasing Tuition Insurance to protect them financially in case they need to withdraw for medical reasons. Tuition Insurance is not mandatory, and may be purchased from any source. More information can be found here

Canceling your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR)

To cancel your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), please follow the directions here. You will need your UC Merced login information as well as your information from your application to complete the process. 

Deferring Enrollment

Generally, admitted students may not defer enrollment; students are admitted to the term for which they applied. However, written requests for deferred enrollment will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Continuing students will need to seek an Educational Leave if a break in enrollment is required. If a new student wishes to request to defer their enrollment to a different semester, they should submit the Deferred Enrollment Form. They should not then submit a Cancelation/Withdrawal form through the Office of the Registrar or their request to defer admission will be canceled. 

Once the request has been reviewed by admissions and a decision is made, the student will be notified through their email address.

General Guidelines:

  • A student may not attend any school during their deferment period.
  • A student can typically only defer their enrollment for one year.
  • A student may request to defer enrollment only prior to the first day of instruction. If instruction has begun, they use the Cancelation/Withdrawal form. NOTE: The cutoff date is the first day of instruction, not the day the semester begins.
  • Deferring enrollment might affect the student’s Financial Aid. For specific questions they should contact financial aid.
  • Students must have submitted final official documents for verification of eligibility for the deferment request to be considered.
  • United States Armed Forces active military orders change an applicant’s ability to enroll in the term to which they have been admitted. Applicant must be an active U.S. military member.

Questions:, 209-228-7178.