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Drop for Non-Payment

What Is It?

UC Merced's Drop for Non-Payment procedure is the administrative process by which students are disenrolled from classes when they do not pay their account balance owed to the university for an academic term.

Why Do We Do It?

The procedure is rooted in the university’s broader commitment to the concept of Student Success, consisting of "a collaboration and shared responsibility among students, faculty, staff, and administration." It is intended to ensure students are successful in fulfilling their financial obligation to the university, which in turn frees them to succeed in their educational journey. It does this by providing 1) clear and reasonable payment requirements and timelines, 2) personalized communication campaigns, 3) staff assistance in navigating complex decisions, and 4) safeguards against the incurring of unnecessary debt. 

Guiding Principles

The Drop for Non-Payment process is guided by the following principles:

  • Transparency
  • Dynamic Communication 
  • Student-Centered Timeline 
  • Responsibility for the Total Bill
  • Individuality
  • Minimal Administrative Workload
  • Nimbleness

Read the full text of the Drop for Non-Payment Philosophy and Principles statement here.

Summer 2024 Process Timeline

May 2, 2024 Billing statements published
May 10, 2024 Payment reminder emails sent to students, includes text message opt-in
May 13, 2024 Payment deadline (end of day, 11:59pm)
May 14, 2024 Payment reminder emails sent to students, includes text message opt-in
May 16, 2024 Registrar's Office drops remaining unpaid students from classes


How to Avoid Being Dropped

Here are your options:

  1. Make a Payment

    • Online:, click MyMerced, then the myBill link, then select "Make a Payment." Pay with electronic check (using bank account information) or credit card

    • In Person: Pay with cash or check at the Campus Cashiering walk-up window in the Administration Building 

  2. Enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) and Pay the First Installment

  • If your account balance exceeds $500, enroll in DPP via MyBill. As part of the enrollment process, you will be required to pay the first DPP installment (25% of the overall balance) plus the $40 DPP participation fee. Prior term balance must be paid in full to be eligible for enrollment. See Deferred Payment Plan and Fee Deadlines for more information
  • DPP is not available for Summer terms 
  1. Check the Status of Your Financial Aid
  • If your authorized aid is less than expected, review your checklist to ensure you have completed all Financial Aid requirements. Contact the Students First Center for assistance only after reviewing your checklist and completing any outstanding items 

Start off the next semester stress-free! We strongly recommend that you ensure your financial arrangements are in order for the upcoming semester before leaving campus for winter and summer breaks.

Videos to Help You

Video: How to Navigate myBill

Video: The Deferred Payment Plan

What to Do If You Have Been Dropped

  • Don't delay - Take action right away
  • To remove the registration hold, arrange payment, and re-register for classes, contact the Students First Center (SFC):
    • In Person: Walk-up window in the Administration Building lobby (Use the Web Check-in feature instead of standing in line)
    • Phone: 209-228-7178
    • Email: Use the Contact Us form
  • Keep in mind SFC response times can be longer than usual during peak periods at the start of term
  • If you have been dropped for non-payment and no longer plan to attend UC Merced for the semester in question, you must still complete the process of Leaving UC Merced. If no action is taken, your student record will be deactivated after the Add/Drop deadline for the term and you will be required to complete the Reinstatement process to enroll in future semesters.       


What charges make up my Total Bill and are included in the drop criteria?

The Total Bill is a comprehensive summary of all charges for the term posted to your student account by the fee payment deadline. These charges generally include (but are not limited to) tuition, registration fees, housing, health insurance, Orientation fees, bookstore purchases, and course material fees. 

If I'm dropped for non-payment, will all my fees be reversed?

You can expect to receive a 100% reversal on all charges related to tuition and registration fees for a term. Fee reversals for Housing, Health Insurance, and other services follow separate criteria. Contact each office directly for more information on their practices.     

How do I know if I have enough Financial Aid?

The Office of Financial Aid has created the Undergraduate Direct Costs Worksheet in order for you to calculate your estimated direct costs. Note: this worksheet calculates an estimation only.

Do I keep my spot in classes after being dropped for non-payment?

No, your course registrations are canceled entirely, and the seats are made available to other students. After arranging payment and clearing your registration hold, you will need to register from scratch, depending on course availability at that time.