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Faculty Drop

Responsibility lies with the student to drop courses they do not attend. However, instructors have the ability to drop students for non-attendance.

Students who do not attend class meetings during the first ten days of instruction may be submitted by the course instructor for deletion from the class roster. During the summer terms, faculty drops occur within the first four days of instruction. Deletion from the class roster means the student will be dropped from the course, a refund (if any) will be generated according to the refund schedule, and the course will be removed from the student’s academic history. If the instructor does not exercise this option, the student remains enrolled in the course unless they drop it through regular procedures and by the established deadlines. Students who wish to be excused from attending class must gain permission from each instructor of the classes they expect to miss.

Faculty drops can be done in CatCourses using the Faculty Drop link within each course. All instructors assigned to the course have permission to drop. After clicking on the "Drop" button, the student's information will be displayed. Please note that Academic Activity may take up to 24 hours to be reflected in the Last Academic Activity Display. The last step to drop the student from the course is to press "Confirm". 

Upon submitting the student to be dropped from the course via CatCourses (pressing the "Confirm" button in previous paragraph), the drop happens immediately and the student is notified via email. A sample of the drop notification email is available here

If you dropped a student by mistake, contact