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NOTE: In line with the return to in-person instruction, the campus has returned to normal academic policies. This includes the Pass/No Pass policy. For Fall 2021 and future semesters, major, minor and GE coursework must be taken for a letter grade unless specifically noted otherwise by the major. For any questions, please contact your school or academic advisor.

The catalog outlines specific policies regarding Loading...

Grades are generally available as soon as possible after a semester has ended, but no later than three business days after the last final. Students can check their grades using MyRegistration or MyStudentRecord then "Unofficial Transcript."

The easiest way to find your GPA is to check your unofficial transcript. You can also use the GPA calculator

A student's GPA is computed on all courses taken at the University, with the exception of courses undertaken through University Extension. Grade point average is calculated by dividing the accumulated number of grade points earned by the accumulated number of units undertaken.

  1. Multiply the unit value of each graded course by the grade points earned for that course to determine the 'total grade points earned for each class'.

  2. Add together all the 'total grade points earned for each class' to find your 'total grade points'.

  3. Divide the 'total grade points' by the total number of units earned in all your graded courses combined.

  4. This is your grade point average.

Courses graded on a P/NP and S/U basis are not factored into your GPA. Incomplete and In Progress grades are not factored into your GPA until a grade is assigned.