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Waitlist Expiration

This page includes information related to the expiration of course waitlists and information for self-service resources. When course waitlists expire a student needs to seek instructor permission to enroll for each part of term. *Note* This page is subject to updates. 

Please contact us at or by phone at 209.228.7178 if you have any questions. Note that responses may be delayed to email and voicemail during the high volume start of the term time period.


Access Waitlists - Though course waitlist activity will discontinue, you may view the students who were on the waitlist via the list in BLink. Detailed instructions are available here:

Late Add Information - Beginning during the late add periond, students must have an instructor's permission to enroll in a course. Students may use the Late Course Add electronic form to request permission to enroll in your course. Students are encouraged to notify you of their intent to enroll before submitting a late add request. 


If you remain interested in enrolling in a course that you were on the waitlist for after the expiration date, you must follow late add procedures to seek instructor permission. Keep in mind that your enrollment into the course is still dependent on space availability. 

Steps to take to late add - 

  • We recommend that you notify the course instructor in advance of the course waitlist expiration date that you plan to seek a late add if you are unable to enroll from the waitlist.
  • After discussion with the course instructor, you may submit a late add form by the late add deadline.
  • If your request is approved by the course instructor, you will be notified by email.
    • If this email is received and you want to enroll in the course, you will need to **Web Drop** the Waitlist and submit. Then you will be able to **WEB Register** and submit. 
  • If space becomes available in the course by the add/drop deadline, you may register online through My Registration