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Registration Preparation Guidance

Spring 2024 online registration opens for continuing students in November- Start Preparing Today!

Our office wants your online registration experience to be positive and efficient. Our staff will be monitoring system activity closely as thousands of Bobcats register for courses. There are steps you can take now that will contribute to registration being fast and straightforward on the day of your appointment.


Registration preparation begins with knowing your Registration Appointment Time
  • Mark your calendar and plan to register as early as possible after your registration appointment time begins. 
  • Review the information and links below.


Update your contact information, clear holds, plan your courses and bookmark help resources.
  1. Update or confirm your contact information
  2. Clear Registration Holds - Registration holds prevent registration. Contact the office or department associated with the hold if you are unsure what action to take. Check your holds by navigating to the Prepare for Registration page available in My Student Record. Click Registration from the Student Record menu and select the upcoming term.
  3. Plan your courses - Stay on track and make sure that your course selections fulfill degree and department requirements. Utilize the University Catalog and My Degree Path to see where courses fit. 
    • Review the course schedule and check course requirements. - Fulfilling registration requirements is key to avoiding registration errors. Be sure to check course prerequisites, co-requisites, and links for the course you are interested in taking.
      • Pre-requisites: Courses must be completed before you may register
      • Co-requisites: Courses required to be taken at the same time
      • Links: Separate sections of the same course that are required to be taken at the same time.
      • Instructor Permission - Some courses, such as honors courses, require instructor permission to enroll. Complete the Requisite Override form to request enrollment permission from the instructor.
    • Seek Academic Advising - Your advisor can assist you with degree planning and ensure that you meet course registration requirements for your planned courses.
    • Create several schedule options with the MDP Schedule Builder - It is best to be prepared with multiple course schedule options in the event that your preferred sections are full. Double-check to make sure that course or final exam times do not conflict or overlap. Utilize the Schedules tool in My Degree Path to come up with multiple options. 
  4. Create a shortcut or bookmark the sites below. 
    • Registration Help website - Find answers to frequently asked questions and the latest online registration announcements from the Office of the Registrar. 
    • Students First Center website - Registrar staff and students First Center staff are ready to help! Chat with an SFC expert during operational hours by clicking the "Chat with an Expert" chat icon located on the bottom right of the Students First Center website. 


Be ready to register and resolve registration errors as soon as possible.
  1. Register! - You may register online through a web-browser-equipped device. We recommend a computer, laptop, or tablet for easier viewing. Log in to Connect and go to My Registration.
  2. Resolve registration errors right away - Remember, thousands of Bobcats are registering for courses during priority registration week. Delayed registration may mean you have fewer course options. Reach out to Advising or Students First Center staff for assistance as soon as possible. 


Be aware of the types of changes that may occur after registration and then prepare to complete payment of tuition and fees.

  1. Schedule Changes - The course schedule is subject to change. Be sure to keep an eye on your course schedule in the weeks leading up to the start of instruction and know which changes you may make online and when.
  2. Pay tuition and fees - Registration is complete upon payment of tuition and fees. Be sure to mark the payment deadlines on your calendar.