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Before Registration

Review the steps on the Registration Preparation Guidance page or click through the titles below for step-by-step guidance for each part of the registration process.

Registration Preparation Guidance for Continuing Students

Check your student records
You can access your personal information and academic records through UC Merced Connect MyMerced. Check MyMerced portal often.

Academic Advising
Find out more about academic advising which all students are encouraged to attend.

Plan your course schedule
The key to successful registration is planning. It is important to select your preferred class sections in advance, with consideration to how they fit into progress towards your degree.

Test Scores and Placement Exams
In addition to taking coursework at UC Merced or another institution, students can take UC Merced's placement exams (new students only) or use test scores taken outside of UC Merced (ACT, SAT, AP, IB) to determine your level of readiness in writing, math, chemistry, computer science, and other courses. 

Check for prerequisites
It is up to you to know any prerequisite requirements needed for the classes you want to take. 

Clear your registration holds
Holds are placed on your record to prevent registration and are listed in your student portal. Learn more about the types of registration holds and how to clear them.

Print Resources
Printable registration checklist and unofficial class scheduler available.